Why get UK Life Insurance Cover?

Protect Your Family

Why should you buy life insurance cover? Well, the reason is simple: peace of mind.

If you have someone who depends on you financially, here are some thought-provoking questions for you:

  • If you were to die today, what would be your family's and dependents' situation?
  • Do you have enough savings that can serve as a buffer when life's unpleasant surprises hit you and your family?
  • Would they be able to pay for your medical and hospitalization bills, as well as your funeral and burial expenses?
  • Will they have enough to pay for basic needs such as food, healthcare, rent, clothing and transportation costs?
  • Will they be able to keep up with mortgage payments or will they have to face the prospect of foreclosure?
  • Will the children have funds for their education?
  • Will your spouse be able to retire in comfort?

Did these questions have you worried? Frankly, these concerns are constantly at the back of every breadwinner's mind. After all, it's a given fact that we will all die – the question is just when. Sometimes, it comes when we are least prepared for it.

Life insurance allows you to make financial preparations for your family to have a better chance at facing potentially difficult moments in the history of your family. With life insurance, you can have peace of mind as you answer the above questions. You know that there is a certain level of protection that they have if your life is snuffed out unexpectedly. Of course, there is no amount of money that can make up for the loss of a dear loved one, but as a provider, you can spare them the additional trauma of financial problems.

With the peace of mind that life insurance gives, you can focus on enjoying what matters most – your family.

Life Stages and the Need for Life Insurance Cover

If you say yes to any of these life stages, then you need life insurance cover:

  • You're single. If you have the extra bit of cash, now's a great time to buy life insurance when you're young and healthy. It makes excellent preparation for when you do get married. Also, insurance coverage can help with the financial support for siblings or aging parents.
  • You're getting married and have signed a mortgage. Life insurance provides the other spouse with money to pay credit card debts as well as the mortgage. It is also an excellent idea to get insurance not just for the husband but for the wife as well. If you and your spouse are planning to have a baby, it will be good to insure the wife before her pregnancy since complications may cause an increase in premiums or a denial in coverage. We recommend that you get coverage not just for yourself but also for your spouse. This is true even if one spouse stays at home to take care of the kids – since child care and housekeeping services will also cost and when one of you is gone, the surviving spouse may have to pay for these services in order for him or her to find employment.
  • You're married and have kids. There is an even urgent need to provide insurance protection, now that you have young dependents looking to you for support. You should be able to buy life insurance cover for the duration when your children are still financially dependent on you.
  • You're a single parent. When you're the only one your kids can count on, then you should get life insurance all the more.
  • You're facing retirement. Even if you don't have your children as dependents, you would want your spouse to enjoy a secure future after retirement. Life insurance would provide the surviving spouse with enough money so that he or she does not have to be dependent on your children. Life insurance even after retirement is also a good way to pass a sizable inheritance to your children (or even grandchildren).

Life insurance provides peace of mind during the many stages of life. Fill in the form on the left and get yours today!

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